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Name: Wu-Liu Vegetarian Cod Fish Steak

KAWA Vegetarian Cod Fish Steak...1 pack
Dried Mushroom, Bamboo Shoots, Fresh Golden Mushroom...50g /each
Carrot, Green Pepper...30g/each
Black Soy Oil, Tomato source...1 soupspoon/ each
Water...1/4 glass , Sugar...2/4 teaspoon

Cooking Method:
1)Rinse and dry 5 pieces of KAWA Vegetarian Cod Fish Steak, put them into the hot oil pot, fry them till golden brown, get them out and put on a strainer for a while, then leave them on a plate.

2)Clean and peel the bamboo shoot and carrot, and cut them in slices; remove the roots of fresh golden mushroom, and clean the fresh mushroom.

3)Clean dried mushroom, soften them in hot water, and cut them in slices; wash green pepper, remove the seeds inside, and cut it in slices.

4)Put one soupspoon of black soy oil into the heated pot, pour all the ingredients above prepared into the pot, mix them, stir fry the mixture till the nice smell comes out; then add some seasoning; lastly pour the ¼ glass of water into the pot and cook till boiling, get them out and put on a plate. The dish is ready for serving.

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